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🌙 charlie and HU are like my best friends istg

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🌙 kensie's diary

Diary PC || LunaticWinter 1/3 by Tamuu-ii


2.7.16: honestly im surprised im still even here lmao
sorry if i still seem a teeny bit inactive
im going through a lot of shit and dA doesn't help really

2.5.16: awwwww this is so cute!!! you're v/ amusing hon; good job!!!

2.1.16: today was okay. ^^

1.30.16: All Region is over, but my depression still seems to take a toll. I'm sorry I haven't been that "active". I am really tired of all of this shit I am going through and I have no motivation to draw.

1.22.16: IT SNOWED :heart:

1.11.16: my mom's birthday was today, but it has been a trashy week so far

1.10.16: i am already on a semi-hiatus, but now I'm going to be on even less. with school and moving to a new house, I won't be able to upload or draw that much art at all. ;^;; i will be back to semi-hiatus status in about 2 weeks or so?? i'm not sure actually haha >u>;;

1.4.16: i feel like im going to give out.

1.3.16: going into inactivity again after today ;^;; school is starting up again tomorrow and i cri

1.2.16: Today was great. I started redoing my room and so far I got my new bed put up!!! :D Loving it like no tomorrow.

Dango ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki



12.28.15: did some shopping today and redid my page~ >u>

12.26.15: Hello!! I hope your day today was great owo mine was good!! I went to a family photoshoot and spent the rest of the day with my boyfriend :3

12.25.15: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :santa: I am so sad that it went by super duper fast, but I hope everyone has had a wonderful day today!! ^v^ now to count down to new year's!!~

12.23.15: Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! :D I hope you all have had a fabulous day. I am going to be very busy tomorrow, so I may be inactive until Saturday or so ;w; it depends!!

12.21.15: got to have Christmas with TheDjentiest today!! I got an Asuna doll, a 3DS Amiibo reader, and some Amiibo cards for my Animal Crossing game!! :D I'm still so happy that I got those (I'm even more excited to give everyone their presents!! I'd rather give than receive tbh, but receiving things every once in a while is awesome, too)!! I am very thankful. ;w;

12.13.15; it still kills me to know that she controlled you and changed you so damn much

12.12.15: hello! cousin is doing much better and is almost back to herself again. I came back to celebrate Christmas with you guys since I am pretty much on break. c:

12.6.15: cousin may be dying due to seizures after childbirth.. i am going on an emergency hiatus from here and if i do decide to get on, I am going to be very out of it.. i hope you all understand but this is a very horrible situation.. it's a long story and i'd rather not explain but i need some time

12.5.15: well, I made All Region's top band today. ;3;

today's been good.. met a new friend and he's rad B))))

Dango ~ Divider by OtomeNishikiDango ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki
Dango ~ Divider by OtomeNishikiDango ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki

11.29.15: going to see mockingjay part 2 today!! I go back to school tomorrow, too, and I only have 6 days until All Region tryouts. welp.

11.28.15: hope you all have had a great thanksgiving!!! ((now it's time for christmas- be warned; eknzi goes insane with christmas))

11.23.15: im being such a monster im so sorry

11.22.15: if i call you ew then ily just saying friends - //sayskenziasshesinacornereatingchips

11.21.15: gonna be more active this week since I am out for break >w<

11.17.15: today was an awesome day!! cannot wait until Thanksgiving ;w;

11.10.15: sorry i have not been posting a lot here lately ;;; well um i moved up to 2nd chair flute yesterday and it's really weird tbh but a good kind of weird x'D

Dango ~ Divider by OtomeNishikiDango ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki
Dango ~ Divider by OtomeNishikiDango ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki

10.31.15: happy halloween everyone!! and happy 1 year anniversary to me and TheDjentiest :heart:

10.25.15: eXACTLY 2 MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS HUE :santa: other than that I brought up a 65 to an 81 somehow in the class I had a a bad grade in omg
plus it got up to 55 degrees today
today was gr8 B)))

10.20.15: lolhi im not dead
i made some pixel bases here recently!! so excited to use them ;w;

10.16.15: Time to die in the marching parade! 8'))

10.13.15: today was one of the worst days of my life. enough said. she didn't deserve this..

10.11.15: sO IT'S OFFICIAL I SAVED MY 75$ UP TO GO TO BREAKING BENJAMI N <3333 i get to see them next month and omfg i m so excited /////

10.4.15: i'm not dead i promise :3 just went on a church retreat and it was a lot of fun!!

Dango ~ Divider by OtomeNishikiDango ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki
Dango ~ Divider by OtomeNishikiDango ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki

9.30.15: Last day/post of September!! man this month has gone by fast i can't even- welP TOMORROW'S OCTOBER AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS //coughclosertochristmascough//

9.27.15: being sick sucks. that's all i have to say. ;;

9.24.15: wow im so inactive here way to go me lmao
//pumps chest awkwardly
im ready B)))

9.21.15: hi!! how are you all? Today was good, except I was super tired the entire day and couldn't seem to wake up!! >-<;; ((4 days until ACHHD!!!)

9.20.15; i'm back and not looking forward to a buttload of homework and school tomorrow ;v;;

9.18.15; sorry i haven't been on lately. things are getting busier and busier and I never have the chance to edit my diary daily. ;v;; This week was good!! I am going on a mini hiatus again because I'm going to a place with no service, so I will be back Sunday!! oh and i didn't fail that playing test. xD I got an 88. c:

9.15.15: today was good! I probably failed my playing test in band b/c of anxiety aahaah but i can probably make it up ;A;;

9.13.15: omg hi- this is my first time doing one of these diary thingies so i'm a little new to it >w<;; It's starting to cool down here, so I am very excited because that means fall is coming!! I cleaned my room a little bit today so I could start decorating for fall. uwu I'm glad I did ahah ;w;


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